Commuter Camp

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

All students will receive 48 hours of intense instruction that will include 8 rounds of competition evaluated by local attorneys, law students and sitting judges. Additionally, all students will receive a case notebook, T-shirt, lanyard and other giveaways. All students will be served a catered meal for lunch. Last year's meals were all catered from Norma's Cafe. 

Commuters should be dropped off at 830AM and picked up no later than 615PM 


Online Camp

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

As of this writing (May 1st), we are moving forward with the plan to host a live camp as originally planned. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and associated governmental policies. We are offering the online camp as an alternative for students who may not be able to travel or who may be medically compromised. The Championship staff has been working for weeks developing an online curriculum to run an online camp in conjunction with the live camp. 

We have invested in purchasing a premium subscription to Zoom and will be using it as our video platform. Additionally, we will be utilizing Google Classroom to integrate and collect all lessons. 

Our intention is to closely replicate every aspect of the live camp experience. Here are some of the ways we intend to do that:

  • Daily Live Streaming Lessons (by lab level)
  • Designated Q & A hours with lab leaders
  • Electronic "check for learning" like EdPuzzle and Kahoot!
  • Recorded Lessons made available for students who miss live version
  • Instructor feedback to uploaded videos from students 
  • Breakout Zoom rooms for students to work with teammates (monitored by lab leaders)
  • Zoom Mock Trials facilitated and judged by local attorneys

Students who participate in the online camp will still receive their camp t-shirt, water bottle and other giveaways.