The Championship Mock Trial Academy (CMTA) is your opportunity to work with championship winning mock trial coaches, collegiate mock trial competitors, local attorneys and faculty members from the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law, one of the nation’s most innovative law schools. The CMTA offers outstanding instruction in preparation for the 2019-2020 High School Mock Trial season. We will use modified Federal Rules of Evidence adopted by the national mock trial competition sponsored by the American Bar Association.


The 2019 CMTA offers both novice and advanced tracks allowing students to learn at a pace appropriate for any skill level. The CMTA offers overnight residential and commuter options. Students will reside at the Indigo Hotel adjacent to the UNT Dallas College of Law. Resident students will be provided a continental breakfast and catered, hot lunches and dinners. Commuters will be provided the same hot lunch catered from Norma's Cafe. Off-duty Dallas police officers will serve as residential security at the hotel.

CMTA Student Experience 

CMTA focuses on building effective speaking and strategic skills for students of all levels of experience. The Championship Mock Trial Summer Academy will provide high school students with the opportunity to learn from local attorneys, high school mock trial coaches and collegiate mock trial competitors. We offer a dynamic program consisting of interactive lectures, trial advocacy drills, stop-and-go scrimmages and a competitive mock trial mini-tournament.  

We believe that success in mock trial is acquired through a balance of proper pre-trial preparation and knowing how to think on your feet. Our program is designed to provide students the opportunity to hone both skill-sets through participation in interactive lectures and practical drills. Students will be divided into teams on the first evening and begin analyzing the case. Each student will be given the opportunity to perform as both an attorney and a witness. All participants will construct opening statements, conduct direct and cross examinations and give a closing argument. The program will conclude with a mini tournament judged by local attorneys and law school students. We will be using a civil case packet to help students prepare for next year’s Texas High School Mock Trial competition 

CMTA Coaches Experience 

Mock Trial Coaches attending the teacher training have three options. First, they can participate in daily seminars taught by local attorneys and the CMTA Staff. These sessions will include a range of topics including How to Recruit a Team, Conducting Weekly Practices, What to Expect at the Texas Bar Association competition, How to Recruit an Attorney Coach and other skills specific sessions. Secondly, they can shadow the student sessions and thus observe how the attorney and CMTA staff directly instruct the students. Finally, the teachers have the option of doing a combination of the two.